My name is Brooke McMullen. I’m a Certified Babies and Toddlers Yoga Instructor, DIR Floortime Interactive Play Therapist, Sleep Coach, and Certified YOGABODY Trapeze Instructor.

Eight years ago, after several running-related injuries and frequent complaints of a very tight and sore body, my college friend dragged me to my first Hot Yoga class. I remember lying down in Savasana, drenched in sweat, and thinking I was going to die. Challenged both mentally and physically, I walked out of that class alive, feeling more robust and flexible in both my body and mind. I eventually traded my running sneakers for a yoga mat. In exchange for a free unlimited membership at my local yoga studios, I took on work-study positions, including social media marketing and/or cleaning yoga studios.

While working as a Child Developmental Specialist for an Early Intervention agency in Boston, MA., I provided clinical and therapeutic services to children ages (0-3 years) and their families. I sought additional training such as Sleep Coaching, DIR Floortime Interactive Play Therapy. I also became a Certified ChildLight Yoga for Babies and Toddlers Instructor. I love sharing and adapting this practice for children and their families. I create an environment that supports and encourages each child to progress at his/her own pace, no matter where they’re at in their stages of development. 

In 2019, I moved to Ireland to pursue postgraduate studies in Psychological Sciences at the University of Limerick. I was also introduced to YOGABODY Ireland and the many wonderful YOGABODY practices. In January of 2020, I tried out the Yoga Trapeze for the first time while I was in Barcelona on Holidays. It was like love at first sight—after all, growing up, my favourite past-time was playing on the swing in my backyard for hours on end.

The Yoga Trapeze piqued my interest for many reasons. So, I decided to complete the Yoga Trapeze Teacher Training through Yoga Teachers College last Summer.  Firstly, I’ve always loved going upside down, and the yoga trapeze makes it much easier to undergo inversion therapy. It also supports and assists your body into deeper backbends that typically cannot be accessed. Lastly, the yoga trapeze has helped me build core strength, upper body strength and increase my overall flexibility.  I practice with the Yoga Trapeze multiple times per week because it always leaves me feeling challenged, invigorated, and inspired!

YOGA Trapeze Ireland