Event 1: Day Retreat Nenagh – 10 am to  2pm

A retreat day allows us to step back from daily life and pause our routine activities. We take the time to go more deeply into our practice of yoga postures, breathwork, meditation, and relaxation.

Ultimately yoga is a practice of moving into and resting in Stillness. However, because our lives tend to be busy, and our minds in constant movement; this can be difficult.

Generally, we live mainly in our head with our body caught in varying amounts of tension and contraction. An extended period of yoga practice in a quiet environment, provides us the opportunity to explore postures in greater detail, refresh the body’s energy, and rest from thinking. We can process life’s challenges, experience shifts in perspective and relax in a calm inner-state.

Lead by members of the YOGABODY Nenagh team
10-2 pm
60 euro (includes Coffee/Tea and Light Bites at end of day) 
Millview, Ballygraigue Rd, Nenagh, Co. Tipperary, E45 KN5

Sample Timetable:

9.30 Doors open
10.00 Yoga 
11.00 Breathwork
11.15  Tea Break
11.30 Yoga
12.30 Break
12.45 Breathwork, Mindfulness Meditation, Relaxation 
1.30 Coffee/Tea and Light Bites

Date of Next Retreat Day: Sunday October 22 2023

YOGA Day Retreats Nenagh

IMPORTANT: Places are limited. Pre booking required: Reserve a place


Event 2: YOGABODY Group Surf Lesson, Lahinch 

Have you ever felt like giving surfing a go?

“It took a long time, but after years of thinking about it I finally had a surf lesson and I loved it! I didn’t manage to stand upright once but that didn’t matter. Being outdoors, in the sea, bobbing up and down with the waves, the sense of open space; it felt great.

Spending time in nature was something encouraged by my old Buddhist meditation teacher. Nature is in harmony and by spending time in it, our mind also shifts into harmony he used to say.” – Donal

In addition to being great yoga practitioners, Mikey and Brooke are also great surfers (see Mikey’s story video). In fact both are also surf teachers. So it was kind of inevitable that YOGABODY Nenagh would begin to take people surfing.  There’s lots of things that as an individual we will never organize for ourselves, even though we may be interested and motivated. But joining an organised event with a group of like-minded people makes things a whole lot easier. A group lesson is a fun and a supportive way to experience surfing and who knows where it will lead to. At the very least you might tick of an item on your bucket list!

Lahinch is where we go and we take lessons through the Green Room Surf School where Brooke is an instructor. 

Date of next lesson:  Spring 2024